Bria Mobile Dialplan 61 Australia for NetPhone Australia

NetPhone Australia
Landline VoIP Phone Numbers +61


Bria Mobile Dialplan Australia for NetPhone.

Bria Mobile Dialplan 61 Australia for NetPhone Australia

If you don’t want to add the annoying 61 for Australian international dialing codes then try this code for your dialplan with Bria Mobile.  It should work with other countries.  It is only tested for Australia.

NetPhone Australia Dialplan

Dial Plan
Match number xx.
Remove Prefix 0
Add prefix +61

Thanks for your interest in Bria Mobile Dialplan for the client app.  It should technically work for any ISP that you need to dial 61 only in front internationally to Australia as 61.

The dialplan allows for any number to be dialed which is xx. (full stop included).

We remove the 0 for the client application Bria Mobile.

Then we automatically Add the +61 to the relevant phone number.

Bria Mobile is not setup by default to dial australia via NetPhone ITSP. You need to configure the dial plan  to make local calls, local calls. Without the 61.

Removing the 61 and only adding the 03, 02, 04, 08, 07 area codes make it much more easier to use your contact address book, instead of adding +61 in front of every phone number.

The dialplan idea should technically work for other countries but as mentioned, this is only tested for Australia +61.

Adding the exact dialplan above with Bria Mobile will make it all work with correct dialing standards for Australia.

Enjoy, 🙂

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by David Gawler.