It all starts with a phone number & IP phone

It all starts with a phone number & IP phone

It all starts with a phone number and IP phone.  Not just any IP phone though.  You need the best and world-class  IP phones that operate in HD audio with high definition.  Most people have tried voice over IP Phones based on NetPhone VoIP and have had disappointing experiences. Some say the line quality is OK. Some say the quality of the call could be better but otherwise acceptable and others have said that NetPhone VoIP has not worked at all based on their current setup.

Think again.  NetPhone VoIP phone numbers with high definition audio (HD) is crucial to having good quality audio.  You need high tech phones to match the high tech IP Phone service based on NetPhone VoIP.  Skybridge Domains Pty Ltd highly recommends Grandstream GRP 26XX models for your HD calling pleasure because the NetPhone is based on high definition audio IP phone technology.  HD is so important nowadays because it separates the phone quality from being reasonable to being exceptional call quality.  NetPhone VoIP IP Phone is high quality because of this high definition audio and great codecs – Which allow the call to be in HD in the first place.

It’s great and reliable IP phone system for your new home phone line or new business phone lines.

Grandstream GRP 2612 are carrier-grade IP Phones $135.00 AUD + GST
New NetPhone Number with NetPhone VoIP features $35.00  AUD + GST